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Welcome to C&S Online...
Welcome to C&S Online, an online newsletter for the C&S Self Defense Association headquartered in Portsmouth, NH - USA under the direction of Grandmaster Peter M. Rose.

This online version of the association newsletter was begun with the October 2000 issue. Using the Internet for newsletter distribution was deemed a more viable method of reaching those who have an interest in association affiars. This includes not only all C&S members, but also to provide friends and interested persons direct access to current events in our association.

We hope you find our newsletters informative. If you have any comments, or wish to contact the association about any issue, you may do so by emailing Grandmaster Rose.

The decision to make the April 2004 edition the final issue of the newsletter was due to the enormous time commitment necessary in production. With all of the different electronic messaging and conversation media available, it was felt those were better suited to disseminating this type of information among our members.

Issue Index...
2000 Fall Edition - 10/2000
2001 Spring Edition - 04/2001
2001 Fall Edition - 10/2001
2002 Spring Edition - 04/2002
2002 Fall Edition - 10/2002
2003 Spring Edition - 04/2003
2003 Fall Edition - 10/2003
2004 Spring Edition - 04/2004

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