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All of the gathered C&S Self Defense Association Grandmasters, Masters, and Disciples with Nidan Art and Dave Shuler's students at the Effingham Lake Land College location gym prior to the senior group leaving for the 04-19-2007 All Disciple Retreat In Illinois.

C&S Self Defense Association was formed in 1992 for the benefit of Grandmaster Peter Rose's direct Disciples who believed in Grandmaster's vision of the Art and all of life. Our Association, our family, is built upon the strength of character in its members. This is not something that happens overnight. It is a process that is worked on over a period of time, but this is time well spent. The goal of the Association is to provide a solid base for the members to strive for achievement in personal self defense and in personal self fullfillment.

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03/20/18: Bear Den Karate Club Student In Germany
Bear Den Karate Club member Elisabeth Palczynski's, daughter of member Mike Palczynski, at the Reichstag in Berlin, Germany.

Elisabeth is studying abroad for the semester in Dresden, Germany. She is a student at the Bear Den Karate Club in Kittery, ME, and the Boston University Karate Club during the school year.

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Bear Den Karate Club member Elisabeth Palczynski at the Reichstag in Berlin, Germany.

04/08/18: Tom Romiglio Receives Certified 1st Degree Black Belt Promotion
I am honored and pleased to announce the promotion of my longest tenured student, Tom Romiglio, to Shodan.

Shodan Romiglio is a Martial Arts student studying under Master Russell Jones at the Sachem School of Self-Defense in Laconia NH. He currently works as a Program Director at The River Bank House, a recovery community for men. He has been in recovery for 31 years and studying Martial Arts for over 20 years.

He is a member of The Last House Band and also enjoys motorcycles, woodworking and the outdoors. He currently lives in Northfield NH and has 4 children and 4 grandchildren.

Please join me in welcoming Shodan Romiglio to the certified ranks.

Master Russell Jones

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Shodan Romiglio

Current Picture

Shodan Romiglio

07/30/18: Isabel Barrett Promoted to 1st Degree Black Belt
From Master Russell Jones of the Sachem Self Defense School, Laconia, NH:

I am pleased and honored to announce the promotion of Isabel Barrett to the rank of Shodan. After two days in the mountains Isabel proved herself worthy of the rank she earned.

Isabel Barrett is a sixteen year old girl who was born in Shanghai, China. She came to New Hampshire in the fourth grade and started studying the style of Shudokan karate under Master Jones.

She then moved to North Carolina in the seventh grade and joined a dojo where she currently has a rank of high brown, studying the style of Seidokan Karate and is a beginner at Jujitsu.

Leaving New Hampshire as a freshly promoted third degree brown belt, Isabel now comes up every summer to continue her studies under Master Jones. Presently she is starting her Junior year in High School at Cape Fear Academy in Wilmington North Carolina,

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Current Picture

09/16/18: Master James Nancarrow and Chris In Berlin
Master Nancarrow and his wife Chris wish everyone well from Berlin, Germany on a recent trip their kids sent them on!
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11/01/18: 2018 Grandmaster Rose Disciple Retreat, Center Harbor, NH
Grandmaster Rose held his 2018 Karate Disciple Retreat in Center Harbor, NH from Thursday 11/01/18 through Sunday 11/04/18. This was the first retreat since 2006 that I've held this event somewhere other than at my home. I figured it was time to change the scenary and give everyone somewhere different to experience.

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We were greeted with a rainy, chilly Friday morning in Center Harbor, NH to start the retrat off with.

My disciple, Master Carl Parker from Alburqurque, NM, had flown into Manchester, NH on Wednesday, and stayed the night with Sue and I before he and I drove up the the retreat site Thursday afternoon. The other disciples joined us through the late afternoon and early evening.

We enjoyed a massive meal of take-out Chinese food, and then had a nice series of discussions as a prelude to my actual first presentation on Friday morning. It was well after midnight that we crawled into bed.

We had a busy few days, with very late nights. The house we rented was an old New England farmhouse set on a hill with peekaboo views of Lake Winnipesaukee in the distance. Though the weather was chilly and rainy through most of the retreat, we were all very comfortable inside.

11/24/18: Master Rose and Master House Families Meet Up
Master House and his wife Shodan Cindy House had asked my wife Sue if she would do their family holiday pictures again this year. It's always a treat for her to do this, and we get to see their son Austin.
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Master House, Austin, and Shodan Cindy House

It was a bit of a chilly Saturday afternoon when Sue and I arrived at Prescott Park in historic Portsmouth, NH. We found a place to park, and met the Houses down on one of the wharfs extending out into the cold and fast moving waters of the Piscataqua River. Sue took a few pictures there, with the general backdrop of the Portsmouth Naval Shipyard where Master House has worked for over 30 years, and then moved around to other areas of the park.

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Master House and Master Rose on the waterfront at Prescott Park, Portsmouth, NH.

02/01/19: Update to the Association Core Documents Page
As part of the release of his 2018 Association Review letter to all members, Grandmaster Rose has also rewritten the web page discussing the C&S Self Defense Association Core Training Standards. All members are invited to review this discussion to better understand not only what the Core documents represent, but also the reasoning behind the way much of our material is shared from teacher to student.

04/13/19: Sachem Self Defense School Participates in Tournament
Master Russell Jones and some of his students from Sachem Self Defense School, Laconia, NH participated in the 30th Annual Kick for Cancer Charity Martial Arts Tournament sponsored by Bill Gregory's Kajukenpo Karate of Franklin, NH 04/13/19.

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