Mantis Master Scott Petitjean

5th Degree Black Belt

Master Scott Petitjean Master Petitjean began his Karate training January, 1 1995 in Effingham, Illinois.

He has a bachelors degree in the field of psychology from Southern Illinois University Carbondale as well as an associates of art and an associates of science degrees from Olney Central College in Olney, Illinois.

Master Petitjean is a practitioner of Coal Ma Bagua Zhang and Hsing Yi Quan as well as Jook Lum Kung Fu and Filipino Kali. It is the study of Chinese Kung Fu that has inspired Master Petitjean to adopt the mantis as his chosen animal of study.

Master Petitjean received his 5th Degree Black Belt at the C&S Self Defense Association 2017 Master Candidate Review.

He started a career in law enforcement in 2001, and enjoys motorcycle riding, playing music, reading, and research.

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