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C&S Self Defense Association Approved Material

General Information
The following is a listing of material approved by the Association for sale. Only items listed here are considered valid by the Association.

Note that there are three types of material:

  • Association Produced
  • Member Produced
  • NKA Historical

Association Produced
Current or historical material as it pertains directly to C&S Self Defense Association.

If you would like more information on any of these items, please contact Grandmaster Rose by email at zzrose@yahoo.com.

Member Produced
Member produced material may be purchased by check or money order made out to the member contact listed for the item only; do not send these orders to the Association.

More information about the item may be obtained by contacting the member directly.

Our feeling is that this type of material was produced by the member either as an act of love/interest in the art or as part of the requirements for an assignment or rank promotion and for which the Association Board of Directors feels would be of benefit to the entire Association membership. The Board feels that all of the money for the purchase of this material should go to the member who created it. Please support these outstanding individuals by purchasing this material directly from them.

NKA Historical
C&S Self Defense Association has its roots in the National Karate Association headed by Grandmaster S.A. Brock of St. Louis, MO. This series of tapes reflects archived material from this era.

Association Produced Material
For information or orders, contact Grandmaster Rose by email.

  • Promotion certificates.
  • Black Belt promotion certificates.
  • Dan Number assignment.
  • Member information updates/changes.
  • Association patches.
  • Permission/information about using the C&S name or logo.

Books and Manuals
  • Program Director's Orientation Manual
    Used mainly by Program Directors to assure that all core association material is adhered to. It is strongly suggested that all members of the Association read this book. It was written by Grandmaster Rose as a means of explaining why the Association was formed and upon what beliefs and principals establishes its purpose. The book discusses all aspects of a student's martial arts development within the framework of a progressive organization.
  • Program Director's Orientation Manual Addendum
    Contains all sorts of helpfull information a Program Director needs to help operate. From common Association forms and promotion test templates to helpfull suggestions for advertising copy, this addendum is a great resource.
    No cost as it is provided to each new Program Director upon the establishment of their Program.

  • 1988 - Pinan Shodan through Bassai
    Demonstration tape of forms. Available to Program Directors only.
  • 1988 - Advanced Black Belt forms through Rose Crane
    Demonstration tape of forms. Available to Program Directors only.

Member Produced Material
Books and Manuals

  • Kata Theory (The Beginning and Intermediate Kata Series) 2nd Edition, House, Tim
    Contains a detailed, step by step explanation of the Associations Pinan form series. These first 5 forms create the foundation upon which the entire rest of the forms find their base.
  • Right Thinking Right Living Perpetual Calendar, House, Tim
    A perpetual calendar containing daily quotes of wisdom from all over.
  • Theoretical and Applied Karate, Rose, Peter
    Written by Grandmaster Rose in 1974 and revised in 1995, this book is a great study guide for students preparing to take the 3rd Degree Brown Belt exam. It covers a broad range of martial arts topics with concentration on explaining the science, math and physics behind generating power in karate technique.
  • A Master Speaks, Rose, Peter
    This book contains a series of short Socratic type dialogs between a martial arts master and his student. Written in the late 1970's, Grandmaster Rose combines a mix of Western practical philosopy with Eastern wisdom.
  • Basic Self Realization Training- BST (Rose Version), Rose, Peter
    In the mid 1980's Grandmaster Brock asked Grandmaster Rose to put into written form Brock's thoughts on BST. Grandmaster Rose had several audio tapes transcribed of Brock teaching BST. From this, he crafted not only an organized format for the philosophy, but added his own slant in many of the areas. Grandmaster Rose also showed how Brock's thoughts, though very Western in style, were the same as those voiced through the centuries by other thinkers and philosophers. Whereas Brock's original work reflected a very narrow approach to viewing life, Grandmaster Rose's version is much more broad based.

  • 1973 - 1983 Rose School of Karate History
    • A collage of the first ten years of the existence of the Rose School of Karate.
    • 3/28/85 - Crazy Thursday at the Rose School of Karate
    • Class at the Rose School of Karate before the 1985 Disciple Retreat. On this tape Grandmaster Rose teaches class which consists of basics, kata, and lots of sparring. Guests include: Master Paul Dusenbery, Sandan Bruce Barringer, and Sandan Uwe Steinweg.
  • 1984 - Stretching by Master Paul Dusenbery
    A rational approach to stretching focusing on legs and protecting the lower back.
  • 1985 - Proper Stretching Using Breath Control by Master Paul Dusenbery
    Master Dusenbery discusses proper breath control during stretching.
  • 1985 - Power in Karate by Master Paul Dusenbery
    An indepth discussion on power in karate given by Master Paul Dusenbery, PhD in physics. If you ever wanted to understand how to gain power in a technique then this is the tape for you.
  • 1984 - Body Motion by Grandmaster Rose
    A full technical discussion of the mechanics of body motion as it was originally taught.
  • 1984 - Sanchin Kata - kata for health by Grandmaster Rose
    Master Rose teaches Sanchin breathing and discusses the Sanchin kata and, particularly how it can be used to promote good health.
  • 1988 - Rose School of Karate Training Tape Series
    Each of the following is an individule tape, priced seperately, covering a specific area of training used in 1988.
    • Arm Bar Series
    • Basic 10 Breaks
    • Self Defense Course
  • 1988 - 20 years in the Martial Arts Address to the Association by Grandmaster Peter Rose
    Grandmaster Rose talks about his 20 years in the Martial Arts.
  • 1988 - Rose School of Karate Class Structure
    Shows Grandmaster Rose teaching class.
  • 1993 - 25 Years in the Martial Arts Address to the Association by Grandmaster Peter Rose
    Grandmaster Rose discusses his 25 years in the Martial Arts and development and growth of C&S Self Defense Association.
  • 1993 - Grandmaster Rose's 25th Anniversary in the Martial Arts
    This tape is a dinner party hosted by the Rose School of Karate Family. The Seacoast Karate Club, Somersworth School of Self Defense, and York Karate Club participated in the festivities. The Seacoast Disciples of Grandmaster Rose Spoke on this occasion. Also, videos from Master Dusenbery (Boulder Colorado), Yondan Landers (Effingham Illinois), and Nidan Carl Parker, with Nidan Kerry Bushue and Shodan Brock Myers (Dallas Texas). Grandmaster Rose responds to the talks given by his Disciples as well.

NKA Historical

  • 1985 - NKA Structure by Grandmaster S.A. Brock
    The state of the NKA and its structure of basics and kata.
  • 1985 - Concepts of Self Defense
    • Knife and Club Self Ddefense by Master Paul Dusenbery
    • Non-conventional Weapons by Master Doug Dennis
    • Multiple Step Back Block and Counter by Grandmaster Peter Rose
    • Psychology of Self Defense by Grandmaster Peter Rose
    • Practical Self Defense by Grandmaster S. A. Brock

  • 1986 - Shudokan History by Master Doug Dennis
    Master Dennis of the National Karate Association gives an account of the history of Shudokan karate, C&S Self Defense Association's base system.
  • 1986 - Philosophy from 1986 NKA Convention
    • Character by Grandmaster S.A. Brock
      Grandmaster Brock speaks of character and on strengthening character.
    • "Lead, follow, or get out of the way" by Grandmaster Peter Rose
      Grandmaster Rose speaks of leadership and on what it takes to be a leader.
    • On being Successful by Grandmaster S.A. Brock
      Grandmaster Brock gives his insights of being successful.
    • On Believing by Grandmaster Peter Rose
      Grandmaster Rose comments after his promotion to Shichidan, on believing.

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